At Ehrnriter Cares...

    We take a holistic approach to home and community based service delivery, aiming not only to deliver top quality services, but to also promote growth and engagement in order to empower our clients to live more independent lives.

    What Brings You here Today?

    “I fully appreciate the services Ehrnriter Cares has offered to me. They enhanced my quality of life and helped me make new friends. EC has helped me get my life back, stay in my home independently, and have more freedom to spend time with my daughter. They really have wonderful people on their team.”

    - Client

    "Clients can definitely benefit from the services Ehrnriter Cares offers. EC is on the top of our list, and I am always excited to hear about how their IHS workers will help make these clients' lives better. The most recent client we referred to EC described their staff as 'genuinely good and supportive people.' "

    - Case Manager

    "Community members speak highly of the staff at Ehrnriter Cares, and clients I've spoken with always feel well-supported. You guys have been great!"

    - Case Manager

    "A client's guardian recently told me how pleased they are with Ehrnriter Cares' IHS services. They described the IHS staff as “a blessing for their family” and are very appreciative of all the support provided."

    - Case Manager



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